Stasi–over and out!

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In cooperation with the Stasi records archive (BStU) and the DDR Museum, Playing History developed a game with 48-page supplementary material, which can be played in educational institutions of all kinds, but also at home.

Background: November 1989. Under the pressure of the citizens' movement, the GDR leadership has to retreat further and further. The dictatorship is in an open crisis from which it will not recover. The Ministry for State Security is not unaffected by this. On November 6, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the destruction of documents was ordered by Minister Erich Mielke.

In the game players change the perspective and work for the Stasi. The aim of the game is to destroy as many documents as possible before the citizens bring about the inevitable end. 

This card game is suitable for 2-5 players. You can unpack and start playing right away, without having to read the instructions beforehand. The rules of the game are self-explanatory, which makes the game particularly attractive for inexperienced groups.