DDR Guide: A Companion to the Permanent Exhibition (ENG)

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The Wall and the Iron Curtain shielded the GDR from the western world. Inside, the state security service or »Stasi« guarded over 16 million people on behalf of the Unity Party. But what was life like under socialism? Did it consist only of Spreewald cucumbers, nudists and tower block buildings? Was everyday life characterised by social security and full employment or by a shortage economy and queuing? The DDR Guide is the book accompanying the permanent exhibition of the DDR Museum and at the same time the entertaining standard work on life in the GDR. Readers can expect 66 exciting chapters, written by the experts of the DDR Museum. Over 200 photos and graphics illustrate everyday life in the GDR in a vivid way and describe many of the exhibits of the permanent exhibition. An overview plan of the exhibition, a list of abbreviations and numerous graphics complete the varied range of information. The book is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and (modern) Chinese.