Booklet Accompanying the Game "Stasi out, It's Over!" DE

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The booklet accompanying the game "Stasi out, it's over!" thematises the end of the Ministry for State Security (MfS). Included are:

  • The history of the destruction of the files and scientific findings on the extent of the lost documents
  • Information on occupations of Stasi offices during the Peaceful Revolution, during which the files were saved
  • Details about the game
  • Excerpts from the Stasi files that were not supposed to reach the public

The selection focusses on secret MfS documents.  If these files had been destroyed, the public would never have learned about the methods and extent of the Stasi's activities.

The booklet is educational material that can also be used outside the school context. It provides knowledge about the historical situation of the GDR secret police during the Peaceful Revolution of 1889/90 as well as about the destruction of the Stasi files and their rescue by civil rights activists. It also provides an insight into the significance of these documents today, their symbolic value and how the archive can be used today.

PDF Format - German Language