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Berlin, June 01, 2018 – The "DDR-Guide. A Companion to the Permanent Exhibition" is now available as an eBook in five languages. The book, which is both a guide through the interactive exhibition and a basic reference book about life in the DDR, is available in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian for 2.99 Euro in all popular eBook shops and in the online shop of the DDR Museum. The "DDR-Guide", written by the experts of the DDR Museum, offers extensive information about life in the DDR on 199 pages. The 66 exciting chapters are supplemented by over 200 photos and graphics.

The "DDR-Guide" is one of the few books about life in the DDR that is available in languages other than German, and the DDR Museum now makes the popular book available to a wide international audience. The "DDR-Guide" takes the reader on an entertaining and nevertheless educational travel through time in a bygone state. The "DDR-Guide" can be used in conjunction with the exhibition, whether before, during or after a visit to the museum, but it can also serve as a stand-alone reference book about life in the DDR. The eBook format allows for inexpensive use on all supported devices and is consequently a practical alternative to the print version.

Title: DDR-Guide. A companion to the permanent exhibition (English), Guide du DDR. Livret de l'exposition permanente (French), DDR-Führer. Das Buch zur Dauerausstellung (German), DDR-Guida. Il libero dell'esposizione (Italian), La guía del DDR. Libro de la exposición permanente (Spanish)
Format: 66 chapters and 199 pages, over 200 photos and graphics available as pdf, epub or mobi
Authors: Sören Marotz (head of exhibition), Elke Sieber (research associate) and Dr. Stefan Wolle (head of research)