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Imitation - game copies from the GDR Michael Geithner and Martin Thiele were born in the GDR. But they only spent their earliest childhood in the workers 'and peasants' state. They do not remember the divided Germany. They remembered the board and card games of their childhood, handmade unique items that suddenly disappeared after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was only some time ago that Geithner and Thiele understood: The imitation games tell in an unusual way about everyday life in the GDR. Under the title Imitation Game Copies from the GDR, Thiele and Geithner have been collecting board games since May 2011, which GDR citizens recreated with scissors, glue and a lot of imagination. An idea turned into a collection with over 125 games, which are presented for the first time in a publication: On 156 pages they travel back to the gaming landscape of the GDR and show hundreds of color photographs of handmade games such as Monopoly, Heimlich & Co., Sagaland and many more . In addition, the reader will find historical documents, Stasi files, interviews with game makers and texts by renowned authors, including: Stefan Wolle (Scientific Director of the DDR Museum), Bernward Thole (founding member of the Game of the Year), Cynthia Schönfeld (Director of the Deutsches SPIELEmuseum Chemnitz), Sebastian Wenzel (freelance journalist,

GDR game - quiz questions with 162 questions and answers What is a broiler Was it allowed to overtake on GDR motorways? Did Helmut Kohl want to run away With a lot of irony, wit and fun, the GDR Museum Berlin gathered questions from visitors. A game that is fun and lets you learn a lot of new things - regardless of whether you are alone or in a group, regardless of whether you are a GDR expert or a GDR beginner!er!