Bürokratopoly, including game piece set (GER)

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In 1983, Martin Böttger invented a parlor game with a negative, hostile character, which allegedly shows ways of gaining and losing power in the GDR, as the Stasi described it in their file on the game. The aim of Bureaucratopoly is to rise from the simple worker to the general secretary. The game is published by the DDR Museum.m.

Even in the GDR, bureaucratopoly was often played in opposition circles, such as the Poppe family or Bärbel Bohley. Without the help of game designer Martin Böttger, the game spread across the whole of the GDR. Due to its explosive content, however, these hand-made copies remained. Now, however, 30 years later, the game is being reissued and made available to the general public.

The project was initiated by imitation game copies from the GDR, the publisher is the GDR Museum. The enclosed teaching material was developed by the capito agency for educational communication. The project was funded to a large extent by the preparation foundation as well as the state commissioners for Stasi documents in Berlin and Saxony and the game of the year association.res.

You can find a lot more information about the game, tips for teachers, videos with contemporary witness Martin Böttger and historian Stefan Wolle at www.buerokratopoly.de