Everyday Life in the GDR in 200 Objects (EN)

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Today, the material legacy of the GDR enjoys almost cult-like reverence. From the gold broiler and the air cushion lawnmower to crockery and cutlery in GDR design - all of these vanished objects are from a country that no longer exists. This anthology is intended to give an impression and overview of how life in 40 years of the GDR took place and developed. It also shows the influence the party and its ideology had on people's everyday lives. The selection of around 200 objects from the most diverse areas of life shows both the restrictions of life that resulted from the economy of scarcity, but also tells of how people nevertheless fulfilled their wishes and dreams. The objects thus create a colourful and diverse picture of the reality of life in the GDR from the end of the war to the fall of the Berlin Wall. The detailed photographs by Thorsten Heideck and Adrian Serini and the texts by historian and GDR expert Dr Stefan Wolle offer a broad spectrum of life in the GDR.

Quirin Graf Adelmann v.A. | Gordon Freiherr von Godin | Dr. Stefan Wolle

DDR Museum Publishing House

Photos: Thorsten Heideck | Adrian Serini

Photobook/non-fiction book

17 × 24 cm | 256 pages | paperback with flaps | coloured throughout